Testimonials“Hi, I am writing this to say, hands down Family Electric is the best electrical company in South Florida. I’ve walked by the gray box in my garage a million times and never thought any thing of it. Little did I know just how dangerous it really was? After you guys left and everything was safe and replaced I looked up ‘Zinsco” electrical panel boxes. Holy cow!!!! I had zero clue just how unsafe they were. I must say I’m blown away that you took the time free of charge, mind you, once the small ceiling fan job was done to inspect it. Had I not seen it with my own eyes I would have said your crazy. Its worked fine for 25yrs. I’m sure nothing is wrong in there. Just how wrong I was. I can’t believe these things were ever sold to the gen. public. My new circuit breaker panel box was not something I was expecting to need but I’m sure glad I did, With 3 kids, a wife, and two dogs I don’t take chances. The old zinsco was costing a fortune in monthly bills as well. Anyway you guys are really great and Jenny and I thank you big time.” starsstarsstarstarstars
-Kenny Simmons, Fort Laud.

“You probably don’t remember me because you guys are so incredibly busy here in South Florida, but I just wanted to take the time to say, thank you so much Family Electric, for all your hard work, time and energy. My mother called me freaking out, as any woman in her 80’s would do when she smelled a funky burning smell coming from the garage. I told her to call the fire dept. immediately. They then came out and said it was an electrical issue and to call an electrician. Frantically, and thinking no one would pick up at 11pm at night, I called you guys. She had no power and being on oxygen with back up battery power was frightening to say the least. But she would not leave her home. You promised you would get the power restored in 3-5 hours and that’s exactly what you did. Not only that your lifetime written warranty makes me feel much better living out of state. I was blown away and just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service. Family Electric is outstanding!!!” starsstarsstarstarstars
-Maryanne Goldberg xoxoxo, Delray Beach, Florida

“John and Bobby are awesome and I wanted everyone to know! Family Electric, is definitely the way to go where South Florida electrical contractors.” starsstarsstarstarstars
-Doug in Boca Raton, Florida

“On Tuesday the lights were dimming and flickering in our house in Boca Raton. We called Family Electric in South Florida and they showed up in 45 minutes flat. I hear horror stories about the service industry of South Florida, but I have to say, WOW! Top quality work, on the fly, for the right price. No BS I already recommended your company to 4 people. Great job!” starsstarsstarstarstars
-James Russo in Deerfield Beach, Florida

“I have never written a review before, but with all do respect, single moms recently widowed usually get taken advantage of when dealing with the trades. This simply was not the case with Family Electric. I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to get the AC running again and the new thermostat is very easy to use unlike the old one. I am planning on the upgrade of the old breaker panel box as well, just waiting on my check. Family Electric is definitely my #1 choice in South Florida. I’ll call you guys Monday! Thanks again!” starsstarsstarstarstars
Debby (Red) Whitehall, Sunrise, Florida

“You guys were right!!! I wanted the job done but I thought my South Florida neighborhood handy man could pull it off. Well I paid peanuts and I got an elephant not a licensed electrician. I learned a very valuable lesson. Thanks for not making me eat humble pie and fixing the damage he did. Super Classy the way you handled it. If I have any other issues at all Family Electric and Air, will be getting the business. Kick ass job on the Panel box, and throwing in the dryer line for free was a night touch. Great work, great price, on time. A lifetime warranty on a job like this in South Florida is on heard of. You’re the best! I see why you win the awards every year for service in South Florida. I can say it was a real pleasure dealing with y’all. starsstarsstarstarstars

Have a great weekend.”
-Tony Gizzy, South Florida.
“Let me know if you guys ever need tires for any of your vans, or trucks. My Cost for life!”
Ask For Big Tony.

“This company is top notch! Family Electric is South Florida‘s best! I called three companies. They were very rude! I was taken back in the best way possible with your Employees. So friendly, so nice, and most importantly knowledgeable. I’ve let my neighbors all know about the outright dangers of (F.P.E)(Federal Pacific Electric) panel boxes. I hope and pray they all call you. When you live in attached housing you want your home, safe but the next-door neighbors need to be safe too. I still cant believe everything in your ads and website were so spot on. It’s nice to know that good people still exist. And I love that your family owned and operated. I hope you have a great year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” starsstarsstarstarstars

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